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How To Reduce Unconscious Bias In Your Hiring Practices

This online course is for anyone with hiring and talent acquisition responsibilities, including HR professionals, business leaders, managers, and supervisors. It includes practical guides, checklists, and templates to help develop fair and equitable processes, and reduce unconscious bias in your hiring practices.


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You Will Learn How To:

  • Recognize assumptions, attitudes, and actions that may be rooted in unconscious biases.

  • Create clear, objective job criteria that are based on the requirements of the role.

  • Develop and implement a recruitment process that minimizes the impact of unconscious biases.

  • Evaluate job candidates equitably.

This online course includes practical guides, checklists, and templates
to help reduce unconscious bias in your hiring practices:

A Step-By-Step
Hiring Process Guide

Boolean Search Operators
Cheat Sheet

Candidate Evaluation
Scorecard Template

Reading List
And Resources

Sample Job

Timeline for Completion

This course is self-paced. Depending on your learning style and prior knowledge of the subject-matter, you will likely require 3.0 - 4.0 hours to complete your training.

The Online Learning Experience

  • Start training immediately, using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Actively engage in learning, through interactive exercises, workbook activities, and opportunities for self-reflection.
  • Download a Certificate of Completion as soon as you complete the course.
Talent acquisition process

Learn how to reduce unconscious bias in your hiring practices.

Fair, equitable hiring processes ensure that your organization attracts - and hires - the most qualified candidates. So let's get started!


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