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Unconscious Bias: Online Training

Providing employees with unconscious bias training is a positive step towards creating a respectful, inclusive workplace culture. We each have unconscious biases and we take these biases to work with us. Left unaddressed, they undermine logical decision-making and contribute to a toxic workplace, where respect and opportunity are not equally distributed. Unconscious Bias Training is self-paced and practical. It helps learners deepen their understanding of unconscious biases and explores ways to mitigate the effects of unconscious biases in the workplace.

You can purchase one or more units of this DEI course now and start training right away. But if you're purchasing training for your organization, we recommend setting up an employer account first. Employers get a discount of 20% or more plus a FREE employer console that makes it easy to order, distribute, and manage diversity and inclusion training.

Note: Canadian Diversity Initiative courses are created, reviewed, and maintained by real people. These are not AI generated courses.

Unconscious Bias Training

What participants will learn in this online course:

  • Explore the concept of unconscious bias 
  • Identify specific types of unconscious bias and how they affect attitudes and behaviours
  • Understand how unconscious biases in the workplace can create an unfair playing field where some individuals have unfair advantages over others
  • Review practical ways employees and organizations can counteract potential unconscious biases

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The Participant Experience

Start now.
The learning experience is 100% online. You can start as soon as you receive your PIN/password via email.

Learn at your own pace.
Move through content materials at a pace that matches your learning style and prior knowledge of the diversity and inclusion training topic. If you need to pause, the course will remember where you left off - and take you back to that point when you return.

Use any device.
Responsive design lets you learn using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. So long as you have an internet connection, you're good to go!

Get A Certificate of Completion.
As soon as you pass mandatory testing, you can download a Certificate of Completion that includes your name and the date of training.

Enjoy the experience.
Learning doesn’t need to be boring. We try hard to keep you engaged, with interactive exercises, pop up quizzes, scenario activities, and more. And you can choose to turn audio on, or off, to match your preferences.

The Employer Experience

Use your FREE employer console to easily manage DEI training.
Employer accounts include an administrative console that lets you easily order and distribute training, track individual and group progress, and manage DEI training records.

Get a 20% discount (or more) on all purchases.
Discounts make it affordable for employers, nonprofits, schools, etc., to offer diversity and inclusion training. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Buy when it matches your budget, train when it matches your needs.
PIN/Password combinations are not considered used until someone signs in and sets up their student account. So, you can purchase online training whenever you like. Use units immediately or keep them for later use. It’s up to you.

Give employees flexibility when choosing where to train.
Individuals can train from work or home. The only requirement is an internet connection and access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Create a customized DEI HUB.
Are you a large employer? We can create a customized DEI HUB, branded with your colours, logos, and messaging. Courses can be linked to policy sign offs and other specific DEI resources. And we can work with stakeholders to create customized DEI training, if that's what you require.

Price and Purchasing Options

Unit Price: $39.95

Employer discounts of 20% or more are available.

Download course outline for Unconscious Bias Training

*Note: Unconscious Bias Training is available in French through our employer accounts.


"As an entrepreneur involved in the HR tech space, I want my company to ‘walk-the-walk’ when it comes to recognizing and acting upon Unconscious Bias. I think the best thing about this course is its ability to get you to reflect on your own outlook. Nice job."

Tim Brennan, Founder
Fit First Technologies

Easy to follow

"As we began hiring staff quite quickly a few months back, I wanted to ensure that we as a company were remaining as impartial as possible when reviewing job applicants. This course made me question the way we do things and gave me actionable points that we could implement. It was also very easy to follow.

Jon Bomser, Founder