“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone."
— Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

Canadian Diversity Initiative Resources

Developing a respectful workplace culture that supports diversity and inclusion requires an ongoing commitment to learning. If your organization has resources that might add value to our resource section, please contact us. We are happy to share information and expertise.

Workplace Diversity Quiz: How Respectful Is Your Workplace?

Our workplace diversity quiz encourages you to think about your workplace through the lens of diversity and inclusion and consider a variety of elements, from policies and procedures, to employee interactions, and workplace culture.

Respectful Workplace Conversations: 10 Simple Ways To Convey Respect

Respectful workplace conversations deepen positive connections between co-workers, foster creativity and innovation, and help create an inclusive workplace culture.

5 Reasons Smart Leaders Prioritize Workplace Diversity

The case for workplace diversity and inclusion goes far beyond social responsibility or meeting prescribed compliance standards.  Smart leaders know that creating an inclusive workplace culture leads to major competitive advantages.

LGBTQ2+ Terms And Definitions Guide For Workplaces

This resource provides basic definitions of many of the terms associated with sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.