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Diversity and Inclusion for Volunteers: Online Training

Diversity and inclusion in your volunteer program is important. Volunteers are the public face of your organization. Your volunteer workforce should be diverse and inclusive. To encourage diversity among volunteers, you must start by ensuring that ALL volunteers feel equally safe and respected.

DEI online training for volunteers educates participants about acceptable and unacceptable attitudes and behaviours, and their role in supporting a respectful, inclusive volunteer environment.

Diversity and Inclusion Training for Volunteers

What participants will learn in this online course:

      • Recognize the benefits of diversity and inclusion and the characteristics of a respectful volunteer environment
      • Personal attitudes and behaviours that reflect consideration for others
      • Simple, practical strategies to ensure that cross-cultural conversations are respectful
      • How to recognize unacceptable behaviours, including discrimination, harassment and bullying
      • How to respond appropriately to unacceptable behaviours, whether as the target, the accused, or a bystander


The Participant Experience

Start now

The learning experience is 100% online. Start immediately.

Learn at your own pace

Move through content materials at a pace that matches your learning style and prior knowledge of the diversity and inclusion training topic.

Use any device

Responsive design lets you learn using any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Get A Certificate of Completion

As soon as you pass mandatory testing, you can download a Certificate of Completion that includes your name and the date of training.

Enjoy the experience

Learning doesn’t need to be boring! We keep you engaged, with interactive exercises, pop up quizzes, scenario activities, and more.

The Administrator Experience

Record keeping is easy

Our Employer Console lets you easily order and distribute online training units, track individual and group progress, download Certificates of Completion, and more. And for larger employers, we offer customized learning portals that can be linked to an existing LMS.

Buy when it matches your budget, train when it matches your needs

PIN/Password combinations are not considered ‘used’ until someone signs in and sets up their student account. So, you can purchase online training whenever you like. Use units immediately or keep them for later use. It’s up to you.

All you need is an internet connection

Participants can take DEI training from work or home. The only requirement is an internet connection and access to any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Discounts and licensing agreements are available

Discounts make it affordable for employers, nonprofits, schools, etc., to offer DEI training. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Courses can be customized

We can tailor images and text for a particular audience. And we can add policy sign off options and specific DEI resources that are important to your group.

Flexible Purchasing Options

If you're purchasing diversity and inclusion training for yourself, or for a small group, Buy Now is the perfect option. When your purchase is complete, you will receive your PIN/Password combination(s) via email.  Online training can begin immediately and each participant can download their Certificate of Completion as soon as they pass mandatory testing.

If you're purchasing DEI training as an employer, or on behalf of an organization, you may want to contact us before completing your purchase. Depending on your needs, we can set up an Employer Account or a Customized Campus, where you can easily track group and individual progress. Discounts and licensing agreements are available, based on the number of participants.

Retail Price: $39.95

Discounts are available to organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Download Diversity and Inclusion for Volunteers: Online Training Course Outline

Proven invaluable to the charity organizations in my network

"This course has proven invaluable to the charity organizations in my network. While volunteers are almost universally civic-minded people, having some of the finer points spelled out (such as the differences between discrimination, harassment, and bullying) has proven eye-opening. I also like how the focus was not just on compliance, but also on how Diversity & Inclusion is beneficial to charitable organizations as a whole."

Craig Brown, Owner
JustInTime Recruiting

Author of 'The Lean Recruiting Toolkit'

A great way to stay current

"As a retired professional who is committed to volunteer efforts to utilize my past skills, I find the courses created by the Canadian Diversity Initiative are a great way to stay current with changing requirements related to human interaction. The world is changing very quickly and so must we volunteers related to our understanding of diversity and inclusion!"

Teren Clarke, Former CEO
Vice President Alberta Coalition for Health

Executive Committee Member, North American SCI Consortium