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Diversity and Inclusion for Volunteers: Online Training

All volunteers should feel safe and valued and should represent their organization in a positive way, by treating others with respect. Diversity and Inclusion Training for Volunteers is awareness-level DEI training that's appropriate for all volunteers.

This self-paced online training addresses unacceptable behaviours, including discrimination, harassment, and bullying, and provides practical guidance on how to foster a respectful, inclusive volunteer environment.

$44.95/unit (employer discounts available)

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This online course helps you learn:

  • The benefits of diversity and inclusion and the characteristics of a respectful volunteer work environment

  • Attitudes and behaviours that reflect consideration for others

  • Simple ways to ensure that your conversations are respectful and productive

  • How to recognize situations involving unacceptable behaviours such as discrimination, harassment, or bullying, and how to respond appropriately

The Online Learning Experience

Start now.
Begin DEI training as soon as you receive your PIN/password via email.

Learn at your own pace.
Pause whenever you like. The course will re-open to where you left off.

Use any device.
Learn using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection!

Get your certificate.
Download a Certificate of Completion that includes your name and the date of training.

Enjoy learning.
Interactive exercises and quizzes keep you engaged and reinforce key concepts.

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This course has proven invaluable to the charity organizations in my network. While volunteers are almost universally civic-minded people, having some of the finer points spelled out has proven eye-opening. I also like how the focus was not just on compliance, but also on how Diversity & Inclusion is beneficial to charitable organizations as a whole.

Craig Brown, Owner
JustInTime Recruiting


The courses created by the Canadian Diversity Initiative are a great way to stay current with changing requirements related to human interaction. The world is changing very quickly and so must we volunteers related to our understanding of diversity and inclusion!

Teren Clarke, Former CEO
Vice President Alberta Coalition for Health

Timeline for Completion

This DEI training is self-paced. The time needed to complete the course will depend on your learning style and prior knowledge of the subject-matter. Most participants require approximately one hour.

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Diversity and Inclusion for Volunteers: Online Training

DEI training can help volunteers feel safe and respected, and foster an inclusive volunteer environment where individuals thrive and the organization benefits from having a strong, productive volunteer workforce. So, let's get started!

$44.95/unit (employer discounts available)