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Workplace Diversity Quiz: How Respectful Is Your Workplace?

In a respectful workplace, daily behaviours reflect consideration for others and diversity is valued. All employees feel safe and have equal opportunities to thrive.

Our Respectful Workplace Quiz allows you to consider how the policies and practices at your workplace support, or fail to support, diversity and inclusion.

In a respectful workplace, all employees feel safe, believe they are being treated fairly, and can focus on getting their work done.

Think about how things are done at your workplace. What policies are in place? What do those policies look like when they are put into action?

Now think about the personal interactions. How do the people in your workplace treat each other?

Take as much time as you need to consider your workplace culture. When you are ready, start the quiz!

The Respectful Workplace Quiz

This quiz asks you 10 questions about diversity in your workplace. Take a moment to ponder each question then select the statement (A, B or C) that you believe best match the realities of your workplace.

Keep track of the number of A, B, and C responses.

Is your workplace diverse?

A. My workplace is diverse. Our workforce reflects what society looks like.

B. There is diversity in my workplace but there are also groups who are under-represented, or not represented.

C. My workplace is not diverse.

Does your workplace provide equal opportunity?

A. All jobs and promotion opportunities are advertised internally and externally. Hiring/promotion practices are fair and consistent.

B. Most jobs and promotion opportunities are advertised internally and externally. Hiring/promotion practices are usually fair but there is room for improvement.

C. It’s all about “who you know”. Hiring/promotion practices are not fair.

Is your workplace respectful?

A. Workers feel valued and respected.

B. My workplace is generally respectful but there is room for improvement.

C. Morale is very low. Workers do not feel valued and respected.

Is your management supportive?

A. It is easy to talk to management personnel. If you make a mistake or have a problem, you can go to them for help and guidance.

B. The relationship between management and workers is pretty good but there is room for improvement. People are sometimes reluctant to seek help and guidance.

C. Workers are afraid to admit when they have made a mistake or need help. It is a very critical workplace environment.

What is your workplace rapport?

A. Workers are friendly and accepting of individual differences. Everyone is included in conversations and activities.

B. Workers are generally polite and get along with each other, but there are cliques and some workers have a hard time fitting in.

C. My workplace is not very friendly. There is a lot of gossip and tension.

Is your workplace cooperative?

A. My workplace is very cooperative. People willingly help out wherever they are needed.

B. Co-workers help each other when they have to but it would be nice to see more cooperation and teamwork.

C. Most people at work won’t do anything that isn’t part of their job description.

How productive is your workplace?

A. My workplace is highly productive. Everyone focuses on getting their job done. (And done well)

B. My workplace is reasonably productive but it could be better. A fair number of workers seem distracted and unmotivated.

C. My workplace is not very productive. People spend more time arguing and complaining than getting their jobs done.

Are there clear diversity policies and procedures?

A. There are clear policies about workplace respect and inclusion. Policies are consistently enforced and everyone knows what is acceptable and unacceptable.

B. There are policies about respect and inclusion but the rules aren’t always enforced. There are a lot of “gray” areas when it comes to what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

C. I don’t think my company has a policy about respect and inclusion. If there is one, workers don’t know about it.

How diverse is your workplace training?

A. My employer provides everyone with information and training about respectful and inclusive behaviours and cultural awareness.

B. My employer provides some information and training about acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and cultural awareness, but more training would be helpful.

C. My employer doesn’t provide respectful workplace, inclusion, or cultural awareness training.

Is incident reporting encouraged?

A. Workers are encouraged to report incidents involving unacceptable behaviours. Incidents are investigated and addressed effectively.

B. The incident reporting process and follow up is somewhat effective but it could be better.

C. No one reports unacceptable behaviours.  There is a sense that reporting won’t fix anything and might even make matters worse.

Quiz Results

 'A' Statements
Associated with a respectful, inclusive workplace.

 'B' Statements
Identify areas where there is room for improvement.

 'C' Statements
Associated with an unhealthy workplace environment, where workers may not feel safe, respected, and valued.

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get all “A”s. Most people don’t. And that’s okay.

Workplace culture is not static!

Identifying areas that require improvement is a good thing. Awareness is an important step towards positive change. Those “B” and even “C” areas can be improved!

You must also realize that your responses reflect your workplace experiences. Your opinions may differ from those of others.

Please share the Respectful Workplace Quiz with co-workers and management. The more people who take the Quiz, the more meaningful the responses become.

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Would your workplace benefit from Respect and Inclusion training?

The Respectful Workplace is an online course that teaches participants how to identify situations involving discrimination, harassment, or bullying, and how to respond appropriately. Interactive exercises help learners gain practical insights into ways to build and support a more inclusive workplace environment.